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Pass your driving test with Driving Test DVD from Gerry Brennan School of Motoring

Driving Test DVD was filmed and edited by Gerry Brennan School of Motoring Glasgow. The commentary takes learner drivers through each lesson stage one clip at a time and due to this easily navigated menu system, instructors themselves can use it as a teaching aid. Using the DVD in car, an instructor can brief pupils on driving lesson objectves and help to achieve the required result quickly with a much more confident pupil in the driving seat.

  • Learn to drive defensively and pass your driving test first time
  • Driving Instructor’s commentary with live in car video
  • Learner drivers can study video clips between driving lessons
  • Multiple internal / external camera angles with highlights
  • Learn to identify traffic signs and use them to plan junctions
  • Easily navigated menu covering full driving tuition needs
  • Driving Test DVD filmed in Glasgow and Dunbartonshire
  • Glasgow driving school uses this DVD as a teaching aid

Watch free driving lesson clips here

Dealing with Roundabouts
Open and closed junctions
Reverse parking
Using your mirrors
Driving in bad weather
Changing gears
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