Motorway Lessons

Motorway Lessons

Motorway driving lessons provide a great way to develop your driving ability and confidence in addition to normal driving lessons for your practical driving test.

Why are Motorway Driving Lessons Important ?

Since the allowance of Motorway Driving Lessons in June 2018 by the DVLA, learner drivers have been permitted to drive on motorways as part of driving lessons. To be permitted to drive on a motorway the driver must be accompanied by a qualified Driving Instructor.

Since then we have noticed a difference in the confidence levels and abilities of their pupils. This is not only noticed in their ability to confidently drive on motorways, but also helps the development of driving on normal roads and test routes.

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You can be one of the many successful learner drivers who passed with us and earn your place on the WHO PASSED PAGE

Gerry Brennan School of Motoring

We have fully qualified driving instructors throughout Glasgow and are for registered for Pass Plus training.

We will endeavor not only to get a first time pass, but to install good long term defensive driving qualities that will keep you right for life.

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