Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

These video clips from Gerry Brennan School of Motoring provide Information on driving skills required for the UK driving test. the clips include : anticipation, dual carriageways, dealing with roundabouts, traffic light sequences and road markings.

Using the driving mirrors correctly

Gerry explains how to use car mirrors correctly before : Changing direction Changing speed and signalling.

Road markings and bus lanes

The video will explain the different types of painted markings on the road : give way, stop sign, double white lines, overtaking rules, full time and part time bus lane rules.

Sequence of the traffic lights

Gerry explains the sequence of the traffic lights in the UK in this video. In addition to this it covers procedures approaching the lights, pedestrian crossings, (pelican and zebra) lollipop or controlled crossings for schools and speed limit changes around schools which must be complied with.

Driving in all weathers

Gerry explains on how to avoid accidents during winter conditions. Some helpful tips when driving in snow, flood water, and foggy conditionsfog, keeping your grip, keep windows demisted and ice free, front wheel drive, use of gears, transmission braking, black ice, throttle control, assess priorities.

Dual carriageways

Gerry Brennan shows the procedure to enter and leave dual carriageways, showing the relevant road signs, speed limits, and the correct lane discipline needed for safety. Footage also shows leaving a dual carriageway by a slip road and accelerating on to a ramp and the correct use of mirrors and signals.

Turning right at traffic light junctions

Gerry explains how to read the situation at traffic lights when turning to the right against oncoming traffic. On this driving lesson : priorities, offside nearside turns, road markings dictate position, clutch control, awareness of pedestrians, light sequence and filter lights.

Anticipation of other drivers

Gerry helps learner drivers to learn how to anticipate actions of drivers and pedestrians and how to deal with them in a defensive manner. The video deals with traffic lights and relative lanes, using the mirrors correctly when overtaking, reacting to signals given by other drivers, pedestrians on the road, and how to deal with cyclists safely.

Dealing with Roundabouts

Gerry shows the correct procedure to approach roundabouts using the Mirror, Position, Speed Look routine. When planning the approach using this method of car control, learners can be sure that they are in the correct lane and by slowing down and being in the right gear in time the most important decision to emerge safely becomes easier and will boost confidence.

Official DVSA ‘show me’ questions

Official DVSA to guide to what happens during the driving test and what it takes to pass it – including the eyesight test, ‘show me, tell me’ questions, reversing exercises, and independent driving part of the test.

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